Saturday, May 28, 2016

9 Questions I Have About X-Men: Apocalypse

1) So is Apocalypse God? He said that people have referred to him as Yahweh, Krishna, etc. He was alive during those times, so is he actually the divine person from each of those periods that people were worshipping? Because, people are praying to God throughout the movie to save them, and ultimately they are saved. I can understand that maybe he just says he is God, and calls people his children, but he was alive during the time that all those divine figures it is he just a liar? Or did the X-Men kill God? It is one or the other.

2) How did Stryker have Wolverine? At the end of Days of Future Past, it shows Stryker getting Wolverine out of the water, but then we figure out that it is actually just Mystique. I can understand that in the last 10 years, the real Stryker could have just captured him at another time, but as far as screen writing goes, it seems anachronistic, and forces the audience to make something up.

3) Why do we keep forgiving Magneto? At this point, he has to have killed hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, and cost billions if not trillions of property damage. Yet, at the end of every movie, it is like, "It's ok Magneto, we forgive you." There should be consequences for this guy's actions, and the X-Men should probably feel an ethical responsibility to be the ones to dish out the revenge.

4) Why did apocalypse need the four horsemen he chose? I can understand the ones at the beginning in Egypt, they were awesome. But, he kind of got resurrected, and chose the first four mutants he found to be his new four horsemen. Angel is particularly useless. Also, why did he need any of them to do his bidding when he basically has the power of God? Why does he need Magneto to rip the earth apart when he can just do it himself? Also, was right in the middle of destroying the world really the best time for Apocalypse to transfer himself into Professor X? It seems like he left himself pretty vulnerable, and had some pretty weak horsemen to protect him.

5) Why didn't Apocalypse just kill all of the X-Men? We watch his incredible power play out throughout the movie where he just kills 30 men in the factory with a flick of his wrist, cuts men's heads off with sand with a wave of his hand, push men through walls until they become the wall, etc. But, when he starts fighting the X-Men, he allows his weak four horsemen to do the job, when he could just do it instantly with a wave of his hand. Would it have destroyed the movie? Of course, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. That is the problem with having God be the bad guy...

6) What exactly is Mystique training the X-Men for at the end of the movie? The speech was like it was ripped right from that military guy on Avatar. Only....they just defeated a literal God...without any kids...who discovered their powers a few months ago...and now they are being trained to fight by the person who has the weakest power in the bunch? We just watched Phoenix rip the most powerful mutant in mutant history apart single handedly. I think we are good Mystique, but thanks for the effort.

7) Why didn't Quicksilver reveal that he was Magneto's son? This seems like a big blunder by the screen writers. They had been setting up a slam dunk scene where Magneto has lost all of his loved ones, and is trying to destroy the earth because he has nothing left, and they bring his son right to him...and he doesn't even tell him?! Then they have Magneto decide to stop destroying the earth because he sees Mystique getting choked by Apocalypse? THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! Have the kid tell him he is his son, Magneto realizes he still has loved ones on earth, and all of his family has not been killed, he doesn't feel alone, he stops destroying the earth, and kills Apocalypse after he realizes what he has done. Then we would feel more like we should forgive Magneto in the end, and it can end with him getting to know his son instead of a cliff hanger people don't really care about that much.

8) So, maybe a bigger comic book fan can answer this one, but why did Apocalypse die when Phoenix worked her magic on him, but Wolverine didn't die in the exact same way in X-Men: Last Stand? They both have the same healing power, and Apocalypse is ten times more powerful than Wolverine in every way, and they have him die in the exact way that Wolverine was the only one able to avoid in the other movie. Also, I just don't like the inexperienced kid mutant killing the oldest, most powerful mutant when she has no training thing anyway.

9) Ok, so this is nitpicky...but I generally get upset when I know that if I had the power the person had, I could use it to better effect than them in the exact moment of need. That is why movies where people have powers always have so many plot holes, because no one ever uses their power to its full effect. BUT, in the scene where Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Phoenix get in the helicopter, and there is some type of electricity that keeps nightcrawler from teleporting everyone out of there, why the heck doesn't Cyclops just open his eyes and blow the roof and propellors off the helicopter. Then, the electricity is gone, the helicopter will be headed down, but Nightcrawler can then work his magic, and get everyone to safety, thereby avoiding the whole scene where the X-Men get unnecessarily kidnapped by Stryker so that Wolverine can have a cameo.

Overall, while it was very entertaining, not the best X-Men movie...but also not the worst X-Men movie by far.