Saturday, May 21, 2016

9 Movie Trailer Cliches

1) The loud "horn blow"or ear piercing alarm sound effect.

Inception: Starting at :34, and continues throughout.

Prometheus: Starting at 1:58

World War Z: Starting at :47

Star Wars: Rogue One: Starting at :57

2) Taking a well-known song or soundtrack, and slowing it down to change the mood of it.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Starting at :58 - I've Got No Strings.

Suicide Squad: Starting at 1:02 - I Started A Joke

X-Men: Apocalypse: Starting at 1:03 - Beautiful World

Ghostbusters: Starting at beginning - Old Ghostbusters Soundtrack

Jurassic World: Starting at 1:50 - Old Jurassic Park Soundtrack

3) Horror trailers starting out like a fun and innocent movie.

The Cabin in the Woods: Starting at beginning

Disturbia: Starting at beginning

The Boy: Starting at beginning

World War Z: Starting at beginning

4) Replacing the deep voiced narrator of old with every expositional line in the movie.

Independence Day - Original

Independence Day: Resurgence

5) Popular current music starting slow and quiet in the middle, then getting loud and emotional by the end.

Me Before You: Starting at 1:09, then again at 1:49

The Fault In Our Stars: Starting at :24, then again at 1:41

6) Giving away the whole plot of the movie.

The Choice: Whole thing

Cast Away: Whole thing

7) Having a different, and better tone than the actual movie.

In the Heart of the Sea: Whole thing

Man of Steel: Whole thing

8) Over the top scene of someone getting hurt in a comedy.

Grown Ups: Starting at 1:17

Ghostbusters: Starting at 2:13

Hot Rod: Starting at :39, 1:08, 1:30, 1:37, 1:42

9) The narrator introducing the two main characters in a romantic comedy.

You've Got Mail: Starting at :33

Kate and Leopold: Starting at beginning

While You Were Sleeping: Starting at :15

Overboard: Starting at :13

Two Weeks Notice: Starting at :20

My Best Friend's Wedding: Starting at :13

Notting Hill: Starting at :05