Saturday, March 26, 2016

9 Questions I Have About Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

This was a pretty fun movie to watch, but it has quite a few weaknesses that are worth looking into.

1) Batman has several dreams throughout the movie, some of which are revelatory. My question is, why is Batman having so many dreams, and why do they reveal the future? Lots of his dreams were weird, and confused me during the movie. He even had dreams within dreams! It just seems like in a superhero movie, they could have used a different medium rather than dreams to help the only character who doesn't actually have powers figure stuff out. These scenes were often very confusing to the audience.

2) How does Lex Luthor know what to do in order to bring General Zod back to life as Doomsday? There was zero explanation for how he knew that the ship could do this, or how to navigate the ship whatsoever. The science all seems pretty alien to me. It was pretty much the scene in Harry Potter where Voldemort cooks himself up a new body. There was blood, goo, a little electricity and magic, and BAM, we have a monster villain.

3) I can see one life-threatening, precarious situation for the superhero's loved one to be in during the course of one movie. This is common place for superheroes. But, combined, there were 4-5 instances where Superman's loved ones were in personal, mortal danger in this movie alone. It felt like too much for one movie. Also, it is funny to me how there will be scenes in movies like this one where Lois falls 60 stories before Superman catches her, then they immediately make out and she is fine! I think most people would have to get a change of pants and go to a spa for a week before they could even start to calm down from an experience like that!

4) Did anyone else think it was lame that the main resolution to the biggest conflict in the title of the movie was that both of their moms happened to have the same name? Batman had a death grudge against Superman until he figured out their mom's names are the same?! Maybe Superman should have asked General Zod if his mom's name was Martha, or Batman should always start his fights with his villains by asking them their parent's names. "Oh, your mom is Janice? Then you will die now!!!'s Martha? Let's be besties!!"

5) Why did Batman need to draw Doomsday back to the city toward the Kryptonite spear instead of just going to get it and bringing it back to him?! The biggest reason people hated Man of Steel was because they destroyed the whole city. The main reason Batman is mad at Superman in this movie is because Superman destroyed the whole city. It doesn't make sense that the writers then had Batman make a similar mistake at the end of this movie. Doomday destroys a 3 mile radius of the city because of this mistake. I think they try to explain it away by saying there aren't many civilians in the area, but still, the point remains. Why do it in the movie at all? I liked how Superman took him into outer-space.

6) Why didn't Superman just threaten to kill Lex Luthor in exchange for information about his mother. This seems like a major plot hole. The writers tried to fix this by having the people who kidnapped her not tell Lex where she was. But, it isn't like that is the only critical piece of information he had about it! How about: What are the names of the people who do know and how can I contact them? How about I go blow up your whole facility if you don't give me the information? How about I fly you up into outer space where you can't breathe unless you tell me? How about I laser-eyes your legs until you tell me? There were plenty of other things he could have told him so he could find his mom...

7) What exactly does Kryptonite have the power to do? Does it just weaken him temporarily? Do you have to be stabbed all the way through for it to kill you? Can it kill you at all? How long does it take to recover from it? When it was inside Doomsday, he was just struggling, but as soon as Superman pushed it out the other side of him, he died? When Superman breathes it in, he is weak for a while, then he finally dies, and we know he will come it has the power to kill some people, but not others? Or just some people temporarily? Technically, when Superman comes back, shouldn't Doomsday come back too?

8) Was I the only one who feels like the set-up for the Justice League was cheap and rushed? The Avengers have spent over ten years introducing all of these characters before they are going to bring them together. This movie just had a computer file with a video of each one. That is the introduction of them?! Even Wonder Woman's entrance seemed rushed and cheap. They should all get their own movie before they bring them all together. In fact, I think it would have been better to do a Superman 2 before they even introduced Batman.

9) Genetically, General Zod and Superman should pretty much be the same. So what is the difference in their deaths? We know Superman will come back, so what is the difference? Superman snapped Zod's neck, and he was dead for good. But even after being weakened by Kryptonite and Batman ripping him to pieces, he still doesn't die? Zod wasn't even weakened by Kryptonite when he died! So how is Superman going to come back to life after being weakened and then stabbed all the way through his chest? Do his organs just grow back? Why didn't General Zod's neck bones heal if that is the case?

What other questions did you have about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?