Saturday, August 8, 2015

9 Movie Villains Who Become Good Guys In The Sequel, Reboot, or Remake

It seems to be a popular trend these days to reboot movies or make sequels where the once bad guy is now a friend to the good guys, has become the good guy, or simply now has similar interests. In honor of this trend, here are nine specific circumstances.

#1 Catwoman. Catwoman is a Batman villain, but in the Dark Knight Rises, she teams up with Batman to beat Bane, and they even seem to fall in love by the end. She is just misunderstood.

#2 Barbossa. Barbossa is the main villain of Pirates of the Caribbean. But, when he is brought back to life in the third movie, he teams up with his old nemesis to beat Davy Jones.

#3 Maleficent. She is all bad in Sleeping Beauty, but in Maleficent, she is just misunderstood, because some jerk stole her wings.

#4 The T-Rex. Remember how scary and mean he is was in Jurassic Park? Well in Jurassic World he is our buddy.

#5 Captain Hook. He is Peter Pan's arch nemesis, but in the upcoming Pan, it looks like he teams up with Peter Pan to defeat Black Beard.

#6 Terminator. In the first one, he is sent to kill Sarah Connor. In the second one, he is sent to protect her.

#7 Godzilla. Similar to the T-Rex, Godzilla used to be the one destroying our city and the one we were scared of. Now, he is coming to help us! Thanks Godzilla!

#8 Terry Benedict. In Ocean's 11 he is their enemy. In Ocean's 12, he comes after them the whole movie for his money back. However, in Ocean's 13, through a classic "enemy of my enemy is my friend' scenarios, he helps the main characters in their scheme.

#9 Simmons. In Transformers 1, Simmons is after the protagonists the entire movie. In the second one, they have to team up with him.

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