Monday, June 15, 2015

9 Questions I Have About Jurassic World

Jurassic World was incredibly entertaining. And, being the highest grossing movie of all time in one weekend, it should be! There was so much about this movie that I liked. But, just because a movie is good doesn't mean there aren't holes. So, get ready for nitpicking! Also, SPOILER ALERT!

#1 How did they get Mosasaur DNA? I mean, it is a stretch to assume they were able to find enough mosquitos buried in amber still preserved which had all the different species of dinosaurs in the first place, obviously. Sooo...the chances of finding DNA of a dinosaur that lives its life underwater from a mosquito bite? That seems difficult to come by. And are great white sharks a sustainable food source for this thing? Also, is the Mosasaur omniscient? How did it know the Indominus Rex was there at the end? I know, nitpicking. And this Mosasaur was one of the coolest parts of the movie, so I thought I would start with it.

#2 Why is there a door on this cage? I mean, they had no intention of letting the Indominus Rex out. Ever. Under no circumstances was the Indominus Rex to be outside of that cage. Right? Then why is there a door big enough for it to get out? Worst case scenario, it dies, and they need to get it out. At that point, they could use a crane, etc. There needed to be a door for the movie, so I understand, but I don't see any practical use for any door besides a human sized service entrance, which also should never be used.

#3 Would you ever wait in line for a ride at a park where the other guests can stay in the gyrosphere as long as they want? I can see some people just staying in that thing all day and not giving anyone else a turn. There is no track. They control it themselves. The gyrosphere is awesome. I'm just saying, lets put it on a track or something to give everyone a turn! Selfish kids.

#4 Why aren't the kids scared the whole movie? I am going to be honest, if I were them, there is probably not much that could make me relax, laugh, or introspect while there are many different species of meat eating dinosaurs on the loose. I know the movie needs a little comedic relief, but under no circumstance would I be laughing after jumping off the waterfall after being chased by the Indominus Rex. All I am thinking is, "Is that thing finding a way around to come get me?"

#5 Why is it a secret what DNA is in this dinosaur? The answer is, so that there can be a big reveal at the opportune moment. Wouldn't it draw more people to the park to advertise what it is made of? An ad saying, "Come see the dinosaur that is part T-Rex and part Velociraptor! It can camouflage, it has thermo sensors, it is awesome!" Wouldn't that get people to come to the park? It is sure a lot more cool than saying, "New dinosaur! Come see!"

#6 Why is there a need to revitalize the park? There are 22,000 people in the park on the day of the movie, right? Isn't that a lot? I mean, to get people to come all the way to Costa Rica, and still have that many people in the park seems pretty impressive. The main character herself says revenue is up this year. Why create a crazy new dinosaur where tragedy and death is inevitable? Even Sea World with normal animals, death in the park, and a lot of bad publicity is still doing ok. The park they have in the movie seems pretty cool. I don't see a need for a new dinosaur besides that the movie needed it. And it was cool.

#7 Why is the older brother not impressed with the dinosaurs? Sure, the movie is making it appear that dinosaurs are now widely known and accepted as pretty normal. But, even when I go to a normal zoo, I am pretty impressed when I see a giraffe or an elephant in real life. Why is this kid on his phone when there are crazy dinosaurs all around him? He is moody because the screenwriters made him moody.

#8 Why didn't the troops get the heck out of there when they figured out the raptors were against them? All that is said is, "Watch your six." We have seen the Indominus Rex annihilate team after team sent after it, and that is without raptors. After the raptors turn on them, shouldn't they have been like, "RUN!!!" instead of like, "Alright, lets still do this, in the dark, with no dinosaur back up, against raptors and T-Rexes." All I'm saying is, I would have been out of there.

#9 Remember this guy from Jurassic Park? What happened to him? Come on Dr. Wu! You creep. What a sell out. I mean, this guy was the magical guy who introduced us to the raptor eggs in the first movie. Who didn't love Dr. Wu? Now he is doing some type of under the table military contract with the annoying bad guy in the movie? What was their plan? Drop 10 million dollar raptors in the middle east, and hope they don't get immediately shot or blown up? I don't understand.

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