Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Longest Ride Review

The Longest Ride was just as sappy and just as Nicholas Sparksy as any of his other films. It had all the traditional things you would expect from a Nicholas Sparks book based romance movie, and more. It tells the story about a contemporary bull rider dating an art enthusiast while flashbacking to a different relationship between a war veteran and an immigrant art enthusiast many years ago. Though the movie focuses more on the contemporary relationship, I preferred the people and the relationship in the past. If you like this type of movie, (which I do), it is eventually worth a see. Though there are classic sappy lines like you saw in the Notebook and everything else like this, it was definitely better than many of the other Nicholas Sparks movies I have seen. The acting isn't spectacular, the dialogue is mediocre, and the love story is not too believable. But, the people are attractive, the scenery is awesome, the music is entertaining, and the bull riding is intense. There is enough there to enjoy, but I would recommend saving your money and waiting for Redbox. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 29%, and I would probably give it somewhere in the realm of a 35%.

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