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9 Over The Top Movie Characters

For this list, we have chosen 9 movie characters that are over the top in their roles. This means that the character's lines or behavior are so passionate, intense, tough, or ridiculous, that they cause you at least once during the movie to say, "Geez" or even "Give me a break." They may not care about death, love, happiness, or anything but accomplishing their goal, but this doesn't mean I don't like most of them.

#1 Colonel Miles Quaritch - Avatar
Quaritch tops this list as the most intense, passionate, and ridiculous of all. However, I actually think this character is what makes Avatar as good as it is. Quotes like, "How does it feel to betray your own race?" and "Out there beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies, or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubes." and "If there is a Hell, you might wanna go there for some R & R after a tour on Pandora." He is willing to hold his breath for minutes at the risk of death to shoot the ship flying away, and doesn't even care when his arm is on fire. He is awesome, and over the top.

#2 John McClain - Live Free or Die Hard
John McClain is the character in all of the Die Hard movies, but in Live Free or Die Hard, his character gets a little out of control. He is jumping on semi trucks, jumping on the back of military jets, throwing cars into helicopters, and shooting people through his own chest. He is awesome, and completely over the top.

#3 Denton Van Zan - Reign of Fire
Van Zan is obsessed with bringing down the dragons that have taken over the earth. He doesn't care how many people die or who he has to sacrifice in the process. He wants to kill the main dragon, and nothing will get in his way. His intensity comes to a crazy end when he climbs a tall tower with his shirt off, jumps off with a giant axe to kill the dragon, and ends up getting eaten. It is awesome, and ridiculously over the top.

#4 Paul Serone - Anaconda
Serone jumps onto J-Lo's boat towards the beginning of the movie, and ends up hijacking it in order to catch a giant anaconda. In the process, he sacrifices a lot of the crew, uses many of them as bait, and ends up killing almost everyone before eventually getting crushed himself by the anaconda. You realize this guy is a pretty crazy psychopath when he pours monkey blood all over J-Lo and Ice Cube to use them as snake bait. He is crazy and over the top.

#5 Trunchbull - Matilda
Remember the Trunchbull? Putting kids into a small coffin like room with nails sticking out? Making a kid eat a whole cake? Throwing kids out of the window? I mean seriously, I know Matilda's parents are crazy and don't care, but where are all the other parents? Shouldn't this lady be in the penitentiary? I was scared of this lady for a good portion of my childhood. She was ridiculous, and over the top. It took magic to bring an end to this headmistress's reign.

#6 Quint - Jaws
Similar to Serone in Anaconda, and Van Zan in Reign of Fire, Quint is obsessed with catching a creature. Quint was in the military on the Indianapolis that was torpedoed. All the soldiers went into the water, and more than half were eaten by sharks. This man watched all his friends get eaten by sharks, and has a vendetta because of it. He will stop at nothing to catch the great white terrorizing the city. He ends up getting bitten in half, just like the men in the intense story he told about the Indianapolis. His character is intense and over the top.

#7 Hobbs - Fast Five
Hobbs has got to be one of the most ripped and roided out characters in any movie. He starts the movie with a vendetta against the main characters, and a passion that cannot be stopped to catch them and put them behind bars. Then, suddenly, he gains a strange respect for the main character criminals, and turns completely. When he finally catches them, he says, "You know I can't let you two go. I ain't made that way. The way I see it, you've earned yourself 24 hours. If I were you, I'd use the time. Cause come tomorrow, I will find you." His character and his fight scenes, though awesome, are a little over the top.

#8 Leonidas - 300
It is kind of the whole theme of 300, but Leonidas is not afraid of death in the least bit. From the time he is a little boy, he faces death on a daily basis, and is forced to survive. His whole life is based around war and fighting, and death is an honor to him. Everyone knows the over the top quotes from this movie, but among favorites are "This is Sparta!" as he kicks a man into a pit, "Tonight we dine in Hell," or "Spartans, what is your profession? WAR!" Though entertaining, Leonidas is near the top of the "over the top" character list.

#9 Captain Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean
I love this character, but I think the director told Geoffrey Rush to be as pirate-y as he possible could. He plays the part with perfection. You can barely understand anything he says, he is always drooling, his body and face are covered in scars, his teeth are disgusting, he has a pet monkey, and he has a maniacal laugh. Among the lines that viewers cannot understand are, "Haul on the main brace, make ready the guns, and run out the sweeps!" Strike your colors you bloomin cockroaches!" "Blast all to carcasses, men! Forward clear to the powder magazine!" He is the most pirate-y pirate that has ever been in a pirate movie.

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