Tuesday, December 16, 2014

9 Roles Out of Character of the Actor

For this list, we have chosen 9 actors in roles that are completely out of character from roles they usually play. This includes some roles for actors that they starred in before they settled into the type of characters they usually play.

#1 Hugh Grant - Cloud Atlas
Hugh usually plays the main guy in sappy chick flicks. In Cloud Atlas he plays a cannibal.

#2 George Clooney - Batman and Robin
George usually plays the suave, rich, smooth, eloquent, and or humorous lead. However, he usually does not star in movies that become dumb funny like Batman and Robin.

#3 Harrison Ford - What Lies Beneath
Harrison usually plays the hero that ends up beating the bad guy in the end. He never plays the bad guy himself.

#4 Christian Bale - Newsies
Christian usually plays dark, gritty, serious, murderous, generally unhappy characters. It is rare that he plays a fun loving, singing, outgoing, happy character. He is also this character in Little Women.

#5 Jim Carrey - The Number 23
Jim usually plays completely ridiculous slap stick type characters. Either that or he plays semi humorous but serious characters like in the Truman Show or the Majestic. However, it is rare that he plays a scary tormented character like in the number 23.

#6 Russell Crowe - Les Miserables
Russell usually plays characters where he will be sure to be the hero in the movie, and loved, admired, and praised for his performance off screen. It is rare that he plays the villain, or does something as risky as sing in a movie, similar to Christian Bale.

#7 Vince Vaughn - Domestic Disturbance
Vince is usually the fast talking, sarcastic, witty, narcissistic, and semi-funny but semi-annoying character. He very rarely plays the bad or scary guy in the movie besides in this and in the Psycho remake.

#8 Robin Williams - One Hour Photo
Similar to Jim Carrey, Robin Williams was usually the nonsensical, fast talking comedian who tries to make everyone laugh. He occasionally has serious parts in his comedic roles like in Patch Adams or Mrs. Doubtfire. However, he rarely plays the mentally disturbed scary guy in the movie.

#9 Steve Carell - The Way, Way Back
Steve Carell usually plays the funny goof ball in the roles he is in. He usually does not play the jerk of the movie.

What other roles do actors have that are completely out of character? let us know at www.facebook.com/simplefilmcritics. Check out some of our other lists about actors below:

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