Sunday, December 7, 2014

9 Annoying Movie Characters

For this list, we have chosen 9 movie characters who tend to ruin the parts of the movie they are in because they are so annoying, or just ruin the movie in general.

#1 The Parents - Transformers Series
The first time we saw this movie, these parents gave us a slight chuckle. But the longer the movie went on, the more annoying they became. Not only that, if you watch the sequels, these parents just get more dumb and more annoying with every scene that goes by. Their lines start to make the viewers groan, and it gets pretty unbearable.

#2 Bella Swan - Twilight Series
Bella is the epitome of annoying. She is whiny, dramatic, emotional, and it becomes very hard to believe that two different guys would both want her at the same time. I think the more you look at it, the only reason Jacob and Edward both want Bella is because she is the only person that either of them could get, what with them being murderous creatures and all.

#3 Isabel Lahiri - Ocean's 12
The Ocean's series are some of my favorite movies of all time. They are witty, well-written, well-acted, and just plain entertaining. The star-studded cast makes it even better. However, Catherine Zeta Jones's character is incredibly annoying in Ocean's 12. She steals screen time from the other funny characters, is nosy, annoying, and takes away from what made the first one so much fun. No wonder they explained her away in one of the first scenes of the third movie.

#4 Jenny - Forrest Gump
Did Jenny have a hard life? Sure. Things weren't easy for her. However, throughout the entire movie, she takes complete advantage of Forrest's kindness and money. She pops in to his life whenever she needs something, takes what she needs or wants, and pops back out, breaking Forrest's heart each time. Not only that, she has his baby without even telling him, then only when she needs help as she dies, she comes back into Forrest's life, marries him, has him take on their son she never told him about, and has him nurse her until she dies. Pretty annoying.

#5 Storm - X-Men Series
Storm had potential to be a really cool character in the X-Men series, but then they picked Halle Berry to play her. Halle Berry is just straight up not a good actress. Her lines are bad, her delivery is bad, and her character is just plain annoying. We all knew this about the time she said, "Do you know what happens to a Toad when it is struck by lightning?" Storm becomes a character who is slowly edged out into being non-essential, even though she remains in the background of the series throughout.

#6 Rachel Ferrier - War of the Worlds
Rachel is always crying, screaming, bawling, in shock, running, escaping, getting caught, etc. She is doing anything in this movie besides just staying put and remaining calm. She is the movie version of Walking Dead's Carl. (Granted, this is probably more realistic than any other type of reaction given the circumstances). However, it is really annoying as a viewer, and we wish we could see more action rather than watching Dakota Fanning sob half the movie.

#7 Jar Jar Binks - Star Wars Episode I
I think everyone universally agrees with this one. Jar Jar Binks was just not a very smart character to include in what is debatably the most hyped movie of all time. Star Wars never needed a comedic relief, it did fine with the witty banter that existed as it was. It especially didn't need a Jar Jar Binks type comedic relief. Hopefully we don't see such mistakes in the new hyped up Episode VII.

#8 Pintel & Ragetti - Pirates of the Caribbean Series
Similar to the Transformers parents, these characters gave us a moderate chuckle in the first movie, but as the movies went on, we had no idea what they were even doing anymore. To be honest, the later movies lack the quality of cohesiveness overall, but these two characters particularly start to make you feel like your time and money are being wasted.

#9 Anakin & Padme - Star Wars Prequels
Honestly, the screen writers and casting directors of the Star Wars series had to see that what they were putting together was really bad. It would be hard to not see that Hayden Christensen was not the best choice to play one of the most iconic characters ever imagined. The relationship these two characters share was one of the biggest cinematic letdowns in history, and it could have been a whole lot better with not too much more effort.

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