Saturday, November 15, 2014

9 Sports Movie Cliches

For this list, we have picked 9 things that we see in almost every sports movie or TV show.

#1 The inspiring janitor. This character doesn't even need to be a janitor, they just need to be an unlikely simpleton who is also a mentor to the main character. The more simple the mentor, the more inspirational his guidance and counsel. This may not even be a big portion of the movie, but could be one scene.

#2 The night practice. At some point in the movie, the coach will come and gather the team out of their bed for a night exercise followed by an inspirational speech. There will be people sweaty and people throwing up, but the coach will always be in a great mood, and look like he was born for this.

#3 The speech. There will definitely be a point of the movie where the coach takes time to offer words of counsel. However, these words will not only be applicable to the game, but also to life in general. If we were all to simply abide by the inspirational coach speeches of all sports movies, none of us would do half bad in this life.

#4 The injury. At some point in the movie, a player, and probably a good one, will get injured and not be able to play anymore. This will stink, because we needed that character to play in order to win. However, we will find in the end that just that player cheering us on was enough to help us win the championship, and we didn't even need him to begin with.

#5 The mean arch rival coach. He will have personal history with the coach of the good team, but in the end, will get what is coming to him when he loses big. There will be a satisfying moment where he either throws down his play book, his own team turns on him, or he will slowly take his hat off, wondering where he ever went wrong.

#6 The guy who gets cut from the team. We will either have loved this guy, and be sad he is leaving, or we will hate this guy, and feel like he deserved this. This person being cut from the team will only strengthen the remaining players, and ultimately assist them in their final victory. This person may even join the bad team and play the good team in the finals

#7 The coach's family. We will love and be concerned about them. The coach will come home at night concerned about the boys' progress and watch game tape. His wife will be entirely supportive of his life being wrapped up in this pursuit, and will give him the emotional support he needs at the right time to make sure he can carry on.

#8 The giving up/falling out scene. At one point in the movie, the team or one of the players will give up or they will have a falling out with each other. They will be mad at one another, not want to play, lose sight of why they started in the first place, and be sad. However, something will bring them back, and they will apologize, and ultimately this schism in their relationship will have only brought them all closer.

#9 The comeback. In the end, the good team will be about to lose, and it will look like all hope is lost. But, right in the end, they will pull it out for an unexpected win, and we will be shocked that this is how it has played out.

What other sports movie cliches are there? Let us know at, and don't forget to check out our other movie cliche lists below!

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