Monday, November 24, 2014

9 Annoying TV Characters

For this list, we have chosen 9 characters from well known TV shows who, although they may be necessary in causing drama, are really annoying.

#1 Carl - The Walking Dead
Carl is responsible for a number of deaths just because he refuses to obey his parents. He is never helpful, always seems to be in the way, and is never where is parents want him to be. Just because he has had a rough childhood with zombies around doesn't mean he has an excuse to just run off all of the time and cause the group to be in danger. "Stay in the house Carl!!"

#2 Claire - LOST
"Where is my baby!!!" That is virtually 80% of the lines that come out of Claire's mouth throughout the entire series. "I want my baby!!!" It gets really, really old after a while. Once again, hard life, had to have a baby on a mysterious island where people are getting kidnapped left and right, but that does not mean we are going to cut her a break on the annoying TV character list.

#3 O'Brien - Downton Abbey
First of all, I don't understand half of the things she says. She is always muttering under her breath, and because it is in a thick accent, I don't know what she is even saying. Second, even though she is a jerk just like Thomas is, she bugs me a lot more than he does for some reason. Maybe it is those curls that hang down. Maybe it is that she is responsible for the death of the heir of Downton...I can't quite put my finger on it, but she is definitely annoying.

#4 Henry - Once Upon A Time
Let's be honest, EVERYONE in this show is annoying. The substance behind this show is the screen writers trying to figure out how to fit the next disney character into the next episode. The plot and story are sub-par in importance to that one goal. That being said, Henry is incredibly obnoxious. If you take out his dialogue of, "Come on mom, you just need to believe," that we hear every episode, there really isn't much left to this character.

#5 Marie - Breaking Bad
Marie is a different kind of annoying. Her character is supposed to be incredibly uptight and obnoxious, so she actually does a great job with it. But just because the character is supposed to be annoying doesn't mean it isn't really annoying. She is into everyone's business and is really gossipy. No wonder Skyler tells her to shut up so many times...

#6 Buster - Arrested Development
Many people like Buster's character, so my feeling about him being annoying may not be universal, but I think he is very annoying. Buster is never the reason the show is funny. If they dedicated all the screen time Buster has to Gob and Tobias instead, I think the show would be a lot more funny. Though Buster's character was ok for a while, he got really old really fast. The punchline of his relationship with his mom is the same every single episode.

#7 Phoebe - Friends
Here is another character that people may disagree with, but similar to Buster, for a character who is designed to deliver the laughs in a show, Phoebe doesn't deliver very often or very well. More often than not, Phoebe says things that are just too dumb to be funny. It would be hard to actually be good friends with someone like her because most of the things she says just don't make any sense. The "smelly cat" joke was played out far too long, and her character occasionally just becomes plain obnoxious.

#8 Nikki - Heroes
It may just be that Nikki's power is not interesting enough to keep my attention, but this character is really annoying. It is hard as a viewer to care much about her inner struggle with her alter-ego when the show doesn't even do a very good job explaining what it means or how it works. Her relationship with her son becomes quite obnoxious, and it is nice when her character finally just disappears, and the actress comes back as someone else entirely (though the show got really lame before that even happened.)

#9 The President's wives, Sherry Palmer and Martha Logan - 24
These two characters are unbearable. Jack Bauer's wife and daughter almost made the list, but these two characters beat them both out for the most annoying characters in the show, 10-fold. With only 24 hours of a day to work with in the show, why would they show us anybody else but Jack and Chloe? These two women are the most emotional, needy, nosey, annoying characters of just about anyone on TV.

What other annoying characters are there are TV? Let us know at and don't forget to check out our other list, 9 Annoying Movie Characters.