Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Maze Runner Review: No Spoilers

Rotten tomatoes gave The Maze Runner a 63%. I may have given it a little higher than that, probably somewhere in the 73% range. I have read all of the books, and really enjoyed them. Without being too specific, here are some things I felt about the movie:

Here are some reasons I felt the movie was good:

  • It was incredibly intense and kept my interest from the first second until the last.
  • I felt that is was really well cast, and that all of the actors did a great job. 
  • I thought the grievers were really well done, and were terrifying.
  • The special effects were great, and for the most part, it was how I had imagined it.
  • For those who had not read the book, I don't feel like there were too many things that went unexplained. The movie seemed to cover all of its bases, and could be enjoyed without knowledge of the books.
  • For the most part, followed the overall story and premise of the book. There were some significant departures, but some of them were either necessary for a screen play or were not overly important.
Here are some things that could have been better:
  • I feel that one or two of the main departures from the book were unnecessary, and actually would have been really cool to see on the big screen. This may not be important to those who haven't read the books.
  • Teresa's character was underplayed, and the importance of the relationship between her and Thomas from the book was absent.
For the most part, The Maze Runner was everything I was anticipating, and I would recommend seeing it on the big screen. It had one of the most intense scenes in any movie I have ever seen.

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