Thursday, September 18, 2014

9 Movie Plots In Reverse

For this list, we have wondered what it might be like to watch these 9 movies backwards!

#1 The Count Of Monte Cristo - A man loses all his money, fame, and prestige, and then gets sent to prison where an old man fills in the tunnel he has been working on to escape while taking away his precious knowledge. When he finally escapes, he has to work as a common sailor to make ends meet.

#2 Remember The Titans - A football coach, through extreme physical work outs and a summer camp, turns a peaceful and racially integrated community of teenagers into a racially segregated community full of racists.

#3 Man of Steel - With the help of aliens, Superman rebuilds multiple fallen skyscrapers and repairs billions of dollars worth of damage all while saving the citizens of Metropolis. The aliens then leave, and he goes to work on a ship.

#4 Harry Potter - An extremely famous and talented boy wizard leaves all of his friends, renounces his life of magic, moves into his abusive uncle and aunt's house, and sleeps in the cupboard under the stairs.

#5 Mean Girls - An extremely popular high school girl starts to actually study, stops wearing mini skirts, and eventually becomes such a social outcast, she runs away to Africa.

#6 Cast Away - A wise, well-tempered, fit man has a traumatic experience being stranded on an island, and this leads him to become an overweight and disgruntled FedEx employee upon his return.

#7 Mrs. Doubtfire - A cross-dressing drag queen of a dad whose kids love him for it tries to get his life back in order, and stops dressing like an old woman, only to have his kids hate him for it.

#8 Edge of Tomorrow - A guy dies every day and progressively gets worse and worse at saving the world until he washes out of the military, loses his power, and becomes a sarcastic film producer.

#9 Inception - If you watch Inception backwards, your head might explode.

What other movie plots would be interesting/humorous backwards? Let us know at!