Saturday, September 6, 2014

9 Awesome Fictional Movie Technologies

For this list, I have chosen 9 awesome futuristic technologies from movies that I wish were real...kind of. Some of these technologies might eventually be real and practical, but most may never be a reality.

#1 Hover Board - Back To The Future 2. I think everyone that watched this wishes they had one of these things. This movie makes them look so fun and practical. A video actually went around the internet recently that made people think this was real. Check it out here.

#2 Healing Bed - Elysium. In this movie, there is a machine that you can lay in, and the bed scans you for any injury or disease, and then immediately heals you. That would be amazing. (Very strong political themes associated here, but hey, I want the bed).

#3 Lightsabers - Star Wars. I want one of these. They can melt through blast doors. Can't tell you how many times I have needed a tool to melt through blast doors.

#4 Warp Speed and Beaming - Star Trek. This may be the coolest technology of them all. Star Trek makes being in space seem super easy, and super fun. Watch Gravity if you want to see the more "realistic" depiction of it. Being able to just hop in a ship, fly up to space, hit warp speed, and head to other planets? That is awesome.

#5 J.A.R.V.I.S. - Iron Man. Tony Stark has a computer that is virtually a self aware sentient being that cares about him, watches out for him, and communicates with him. He can program him right into his suit, and Jarvis can basically just take care of any problem he has at any point of the day. Pretty awesome...until it pulls a Terminator/Eagle Eye/Oblivion/I, Robot and turns on you...and destroys you.

#6 Past Looking Device - Deja vu. In this movie, they can look a few days into the past, anywhere, from any perspective. Through this, they are able to determine who committed crimes, where things happened, etc. Then they hook it up to an eye piece that Denzel wears and sees what is going on real time. Pretty cool.

#7 Memory Destroyer - Paycheck. In this movie, they hook someone up to this machine, and can look into their mind and zap certain memories that go back to a marker they had implanted. This completely erases the person's memory. This would be awesome.

#8 Memory Implanter - Total Recall. This machine is the opposite of the machine in Paycheck. You can go into someone's mind and implant memories for them, so they can have a different reality. A better reality that they desire.

#9 All of the following from Minority Report:

Sick Sticks: You touch this to a person, and it instantly makes them throw up. 

Jet Packs

Super Futuristic Cars

Energy Guns - Shoots big blue energy balls. 

People Who Can See Who Will Murder Other People In The Future

What other futuristic technologies are there in movies that you wish you had? Let us know at