Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9 Trailers That Ruined The Movie

For this list, we have chosen movie trailers that had major spoilers with no alerts! These trailers either ruined a big secret, showed someone die, or gave away the entire plot. Some of these spoilers may have been necessary to get us to see the movie, but others were entirely unnecessary. Watch the portions designated in the parenthesis. This goes without saying, but, SPOILER ALERT!

#1 Oblivion (1:08-1:54) This basically gives away the entire plot twist.

#2 The Island (:54-1:21) This sequence gives away the fact that there is no island, and the rest of the trailer gives away the entire movie scene by scene.

#3 Terminator Salvation (1:00-1:25) This sequence gives away the fact that Marcus is a robot.

#4 The Sum of All Fears (1:34-1:42) Shows the nuclear bomb explode.

#5 When A Stranger Calls (1:08-1:15) Basically gives away the entire movie in this sequence.

#6 Dream House (1:09-1:29) This is the entire twist of the movie.

#7 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (1:41-1:52) They tell the audience that Gandalf is still alive. Those who have read the book would know that he was still alive, but I didn't until I saw the trailer.

#8 Contagion (:43-1:07) Gwyneth dies.

#9 Cast Away (1:57-2:20) He gets off the island.

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