Friday, August 29, 2014

9 Movies You Saw/Liked For One Reason Only

For this list, we have chosen 9 movies that only have one saving grace. This one grace is either the only reason you went to the movie, or the only reason you liked the movie. There are many movies that fall under this umbrella, but here are just nine!

#1 The Village - You only saw this because it was made by M. Night Shyamalan, and he made the sixth sense. Remember when his name was a reason to go see a movie instead of a reason to not go see it? This was the movie that started the downward turn.

#2 Tron - You only liked this movie when you left because of the Daft Punk music that gave it its overall ambience and mood. If you don't believe me, click this link and imagine this scene without the music. Pretty weird stuff...

#3 Jurassic Park 3 - You only saw this because it had Doctor Grant. I mean, he wasn't even in number two, so number three would have to be good right? Wrong. So many mistakes. They should have asked me to view it before they put it out. Get rid of the talking velociraptors, the cell phone in the T-Rex, etc.

#4 Meet Joe Black - You only saw and liked this because of the awesome party, the incredible music, and, last but not least, Brad Pitt. Am I right? For those of you that saw is kind of a weird movie, but I like it anyway. To find out why any of us liked it, watch this scene. I mean, listen to that music, look at that party, and look at that Brad Pitt! You know those are the reasons this movie is memorable, admit it.

#5 The Hobbit - You only saw the Hobbit because Gandalf was in it. And, subsequently, you only saw the Hobbit 2 because Legolas and Kate from Lost were in it.

#6 Godzilla - A big reason you wanted to see this movie was because Bryan Cranston was in it. Boy, were we mistaken. For further commentary, check out my other post on this issue here.

#7 Brave - You only saw this because it was made by Pixar. Whenever anyone talks about Pixar movies, no one says, "Man, Brave was the best!" It is either Toy Story, or Finding Nemo, or Monsters Inc., or even Wall-E (heaven forbid). Brave is just kind of there. I can thank Pixar's reputation for me even seeing it.

#8 National Treasure - You only liked this movie because of the cool treasure hunt. It wasn't the acting, it wasn't the relationships, the romance, the story, the action. It was the fact that you wish you were the one on the treasure hunt, and you also secretly wish our fore fathers actually set something like this up.

#9 Transformers 2 - You only saw this movie because you saw and loved Transformers 1. This movie had very few redeeming qualities. This could be said of many sequels, but this one was particularly a large fall.

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