Monday, August 18, 2014

9 Movie Locations I Wish I Could Go

For this list, I have chosen nine places that when we saw them in movies, we all secretly wished we could be there. Read this list and tell me you don't wish you were there!

#1 The Count of Monte Cristo pools. These pools are where he finds all the treasure. This is, in my opinion, the coolest place in any movie I could think of going. I know when we saw this, we all wished we could go there. But, not only did we wish we could go there, we also wished we could find all that gold and those rubies and take a cart full of it to someone's palace to buy it. Am I right?

#2 Pirates of the Caribbean deserted island. This island is gorgeous. Imagine having this place all to yourself for the day with some snorkel gear!

#3 Avatar planet Pandora. Admit it, you wish you could run around on those tree limbs and have them light up when you touched them. You wish you could touch plants and have them shrink. You wish you could jump off a cliff and land on a bunch of leaves.

#4 Casino Royale Lake Como. Imagine living on the coast in Italy in this giant mansion. Going outside in the morning in a billowy robe with a goblet of orange juice to read the morning paper and wave at your mansion neighbors.

#5 Goonies cave and water slides. No kid has ever watched the Goonies and not wanted to go down all those water slides into the pirate cave full of gold and rubies, then put the rubies in their mouth. Then accidentally forget you had a sack of rubies that saves the neighborhood from foreclosure.

#6 Walter Mitty Iceland. This skateboarding scene in Iceland right before the volcano shows the incredible countryside of Iceland. I would love to go visit there and eat at the Papa Johns next to the volcano in the movie.

#7 Life of Pi fluorescent ocean. Similar to Avatar, only in the water. Imagine being in the middle of the ocean and suddenly all of these fluorescent fish swim up, and then a big glowing whale jumps out of the water. You might feel like you are hallucinating, but who knows, maybe it is real! And if it is real, I want to go there.

#8 Lost waterfall. Not a movie, but still amazing. If I were them, I would just move my camp right there next to it!

#9 Harry Potter Gryffindor common room. I know we all wish we could go there. I mean look at that place! Look at how cozy it is! Warm fire where heads occasionally appear and talk to you. Big arm chairs to sleep in. And somehow even though there are tons of people who live in there, it is always vacant, and those three are able to plot and scheme. They pretty much have the place all to themselves. It is pretty much Christmas year round in that cozy.

If you could go anywhere from a movie, where would you go? Let us know at!