Friday, August 8, 2014

9 Actors Who Have Been Successful In Multiple Franchises

For this list, we have chosen actors that are widely known for more than just one franchise of movies. These actors have maintained fame in multiple series, and because of this, have not yet been typecast in just one role.

#1 Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford is known equally for his role as Han Solo in the Star Wars movies as well as Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones movies. While both of these roles are extremely iconic, one role does not overshadow the other.

#2 Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman is known for many roles, but more recently has become famous as Commissioner Gordon in the Dark Knight movies as well as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies.

#3 Mike Meyers
Mike Meyers has made it huge in the Wayne's World, Austin Powers, and Shrek franchises. In fact, he has not been in much else besides these that have gotten famous, but these movies have made a lot of money.

#4 Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom is widely known for his portrayal of Legolas in both the Lord of the Rings series and now the Hobbit series. He is also known for his role as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

#5 Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most famous actors of all time. However, two of his more iconic roles are as Mace Windu in the Star Wars franchise, and as Nick Fury in the Avengers franchise. He has also been a part of other huge franchises like Jurassic Park and Die Hard.

#6 Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen is known for his portrayal of Magneto in the X-Men franchise as well as Gandalf in both the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit franchises.

#7 Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. is known for many famous roles, but more recently has become iconic as both Sherlock Holmes in the Sherlock Holmes franchise and Tony Stark in the Avengers franchise.

#8 Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is currently known for both her role in the Hunger Games franchise as Katniss, as well as Mystique in the X-Men franchise.

#9 Hugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving has his foot in more franchises than just about anybody. He plays Elrond in the Lord of the Rings franchise as well as the Hobbit franchise. He plays Megatron in the Transformers franchise and Noah the Elder in the Happy Feet franchise. He plays Agent Smith in the Matrix franchise. Finally, he plays Red Skull in the Avengers franchise.

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