Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9 Things We See In Almost Every Romance Movie

For this list, we have chosen 9 things we see in almost every romance movie. Be it a romantic comedy, a romantic drama, a sappy romance, or even a vampire romance, you will see these 9 cliches for better or worse.
#1 Kissing in the rain. This is probably the most prevalent thing we see in romance movies. Try to find a romance movie where the two protagonists are not in the rain at some point. And their hair still looks great!

#2 The amazing date. There is always a date that would cost like 600 dollars in real life. They go to a professional athletic event, or go jet skiing, or fly in a helicopter, or go bungie jumping, etc. Either that, or they go on a "hipster date," like wearing flannel and beanies that hang off the back of their heads while they cook burgers in central park, or name a star after each other, or go to the modern art museum and make up their own captions for the painting as they chase each other and get chased by security.

#3 There is always that scene where they go work out or play sports with their friends while getting advice from them, and these friends are either complete rejects, have no prospects, or are perverts (or maybe are a combination of all of those things). These friends usually live their lives through the main character's relationships, and then at the very end, have some random relationship where they make out suddenly with their best friend's lover's best friend, who also doesn't have a life. Am I right?

#4 Their job. One or both of the main characters are either a reporter or work for some big marketing firm, and they are up for a promotion or are expected to get a big presentation/report done by the end of the week. This job or promotion always gets in the way or is somehow tangled up in their relationship with their significant other, and their blossoming relationship somehow inspires them to offer a genius presentation, or inspires them to dramatically quit in the middle of it.

#5 A misunderstanding. There is always some type of lie, bet, dare, or misunderstanding on which the relationship is based. This misunderstanding comes to fruition at the climax of the movie, and both main characters go on a pouty montage until they confront one another or are confronted by a best friend who explains that they actually loved the other the whole time.

#6 The chase scene. This part usually happens after the misunderstanding is discovered, and one person chases the other in a car, taxi, motorcycle, or on foot to catch them before they reach the airport, wedding, or other person they may fall in love with. This chase scene ends with them forgiving each other and making out. (Cue the rain!).

#7 The love triangle. This one is self explanatory, and is as prevalent as the kiss in the rain sequence. There is always one practical and realistic, but shy or stubborn person pitted up against a dreamy hunky person who has it all. This isn't always the triangle that exists, but however it looks, the triangle is always there. You can count on it, and you can count on the person in the middle going back and forth until the end where they come to their senses.

#8 The makeover. There is always a scene where they take someone's glasses off and let their hair down, and suddenly they are a babe. Either that, or the makeover montage scene where "Pretty Woman" starts playing in the background as the person tries on a million different outfits as two friends debate over what looks good and what doesn't.

#9 The movie poster has the two main characters back to back.

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