Wednesday, July 30, 2014

9 Steps In Creating The Jerk/Bully/Villain Of A Movie

For this list, we have chosen 9 traits/actions we always see in movies that make a character the jerk, bully, or villain of the movie. The following 9 steps form the recipe to make such a character.

#1 Give them a maniacal laugh. With a crazy, loud, maniacal laugh, they are on their way from bully to villain.

#2 Give them some type of facial abnormality or physical deformity. If what we learn from movies is true, you can't have a facial abnormality without becoming at least semi-evil.

#3 Make them wealthy and talented. With enough means, the jerk/bully can buy their way out of trouble or cause the protagonist great pain. Don't worry though, the main character will overcome all odds and put the jerk/bully to shame before the movie ends.

#4 Have them kill their own people. Is there anything more jerky than killing one of your own cronies? Seriously though, why would anyone hang around the bad guy or work for the bad guy if they see them killing all of their supporters? Isn't that a sign to get out of there?

#5 Have them betray the protagonist for no better reason than jealousy or money. If there is anything that makes someone evil, it is a lifelong friend betraying you for some money.

#6 Have them not care about being kind or receptive to anyone new or beneath them. Basically, snubbing the main character. Lines like, "Charmed I'm sure" when meeting for the first time. Or, when the main character introduces themselves, the jerk says something like, "Yes, I'm sure you are" and then quickly turns their attention elsewhere, thereby snubbing them.

#7 Have them eat an apple. It is funny, this is in more movies than you think. If you want a character to come off haughty or high and mighty, have them eat an apple in a time and place where they have no business eating an apple. The louder and juicier they chew it, the more of a jerk they become. The audacity to eat an apple when it is untimely to do sends chills up my spine.

#8 Have them wear a flat brimmed hat, make them ripped, and have them high five their buddies a lot. If there is a high school movie with a bully, they will almost always have these three qualities about them.

#9 Lastly, make them British. If they are British amongst Americans, watch out, because they are most likely the bad guy. There is something about having a British accent that makes people sinister. In fact, this actor, Mark Strong, made a commercial about this very thing.

There you have it, the recipe for being a jerk. What else do the jerks of movies always do? Let us know and like us at!