Thursday, July 10, 2014

9 Non-Horror Movie Moments That Terrify Me

For this list, we have chosen scenes from non-horror movies that would scare us to death if we were the person in the scene.

#1 Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol building scene. Can you imagine? And Tom Cruise did his own stunts in this scene. I can barely make it past the third rung on a ladder without making sure my wife is holding it steady. In fact, I don't even know if I could go to the top floors of building at all, let alone hanging from a rope outside of the building.

#2 Jurassic Park car scene. This one is obviously a classic, but imagine for a moment that you are the kid in that car holding the thin sheet of glass so the prehistoric T-Rex doesn't eat you. That is terrifying. I don't think I could survive this ordeal, even if the T-Rex didn't eat me.

#3 Gravity reaching scene. "Ooo, ooo, come on Sandra, you've almost got it! Just a teensy weensy bit closer and you....! Whoo! That was a close one!" I mean is that not what you were thinking the entire time you watched this movie? The whole movie is hoping that Sandra grabs on to something, or else she is going to be floating in space spinning until she dies of whatever ends up killing her. I don't think I want to go to space. I feel like I would always find myself in "make-sure-you-grab-that-thing-or-you-will-die" situations.

#4 War of the Worlds alien picking up the little girl scene. Look closely at that picture. That is Dakota Fanning in the tentacle of that giant tripod alien. I mean not only is she like 300 feet in the air, but who knows what the alien is going to do her next. Eat her? Throw her? Take her into space?! Then she has to deal with Sandra space problems! Ahhh!!

#5 Captain Phillips pirates board the boat scene. When they finally latched their ladder onto the boat, that was pretty scary. Being in that situation, and knowing that none of you have guns and all of them have guns, would be pretty terrifying. Now you just have to wait for them to end up finding you, and now you are at the mercy of unreasonable pirates with guns who really can't understand much of what you are saying. This entire movie is actually terrifying.

#6 King Kong insect scene. I actually had a hard time even putting this picture on here, because when I googled "king kong insect scene" to get a picture, the photos almost gave me nightmares. Honestly, does it get any worse than a ton of giant slimy insects that are big enough to eat you attacking you in a muddy pit? I don't think so.

#7 Pacific Rim little girl scene. This monster the size of a skyscraper has chosen this tiny Japanese girl to chase through the whole city. And the worst part is that when she turns a corner, so does the monster! To have that thing single you out as its target would be beyond scary. Thank goodness for the giant robots who came and punched the monster into submission.

#8 Godzilla Hawaii airport scene. Can you imagine seeing this thing walk in front of the window? This scene is really awesome. Props to the special effects team. I mean really if you see that thing walk by the window, you know you have no chance of leaving on time at the very least, and also maybe no chance of living, because it accidentally brought a tsunami with it.

#9 The Reef shark popping out of the water scene. So....yeah...I saved this one for last because it is by far the most terrifying to me. Bring on the big monsters and insects and heights! If you are stranded in the middle of the ocean, and a great white shark accidentally misses while taking a swipe at you, and you have to endure being in the water for one second longer knowing that thing is somewhere beneath you. Then you watch all of your friends get picked off one by one and you are helpless? I say, put me in the car with the T-Rex!! Give me that T-Rex!!!

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