Thursday, July 31, 2014

9 Movie Fan Conspiracy Theories

For this list, we have chosen 9 fan-made conspiracy theories about movies. Some of them may actually have more to them than meets the eye....

#1 Andy's mom in Toy Story was actually Jessie's owner when she was a little girl. Why? Because where did Andy get that hat? Perhaps his mom gave it to him because she used to wear the same hat when she played with her Jessie doll many years ago before she lost her on that fateful day.

#2 In Inception, everything after Yusuf drugged Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) for the first time with the heavy sedative is a dream. Cobb actually tried to use his totem after that happened, but was interrupted, and wasn't able to complete it. Therefore, he dreamed the entire movie up, and is still dreaming even at the end in Yusuf's creepy basement.

#3 The Joker in the Dark Knight was actually a disfigured, disgruntled war veteran who had been in a truck that blew up. He is now struggling from PTSD, has gone crazy, and blames establishment and the government. This is why he is so experienced with rocket launchers, automatic weapons, and other various explosives. This also prompts his line about no one caring when a truck full of soldiers explodes but everyone loses their minds when one little mayor dies.

#4 In Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ferris Bueller doesn't actually exist, but is a figment of Cameron's imagination. Cameron secretly likes Sloan, and imagines that she likes him back as he imagines himself as a fearless, cool, hip, outgoing teenager rather than a shy, depressed teenager. Cameron lives out his hopes and dreams through his more popular alter-ego, Ferris.

#5 In Titanic, Rose is so depressed and psychotic, that right before she commits suicide, she imagines that a man who actually loves her named Jack Dawson comes and saves her. She then imagines him the rest of the time, and is saved from her hallucinations when she escapes her abusive fiance and moves to America. This is why she never tells anyone about Jack.

#6 Aladdin never actually happened, but was just one big elaborate story that the merchant at the beginning told in order to sell his lamp.

#7 J.K. Rowling wrote seven books as her own personal horcruxes. She has split her soul into the seven original books she wrote, thereby making her books and movies immortal.

#8 In Grease, Sandy actually was drowning at the beginning, and was not saved. The whole movie is an elaborate dream/vision she has as she is drowning, and it ends with her being taken towards the light/clouds to heaven as she dies.

#9 Spongebob and his friends are actually the result of the nuclear testing that was done at Bikini Atoll. They live in Bikini Bottom, and the radiation got to the fish and a few random objects, thus creating mutations, and forming Spongebob and his buddies.

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