Wednesday, July 2, 2014

9 MORE Unrealistic Things We See In Almost Every Movie

For this list, we have chosen 9 more unrealistic things we see in almost every movie to build upon a previous list we made.

#1 Jumping through glass windows. First of all, it probably isn't going to break and you are going to just run into it. Haven't you ever watched America's Funniest Home Videos? Second of all, if it does break, you need to go to the hospital immediately, because you have some  serious lacerations and glass foreign bodies that need looking at. This has become an action movie staple, and usually happens more than once a movie. Be careful! That glass is made of glass!

#2 Never using a mouse when using a computer. Now, I understand that people who are very good with computers can use a lot of hot keys that will make a mouse much less needed. However, there are certain websites that do not allow arrow key scrolling. So, just for the sake of those websites, not to mention every other command that would require the need of pointing and clicking on excel or anything else, we need a mouse or some type of track pad while using a computer. Besides, even if you are good at hot keys, you probably have to hit tab a lot to get to the right button, and a mouse is a lot faster!

#3 Cool center of New York City lofts. In movies, everyone lives in awesome lofts that overlook Central Park or something like that, and they would probably be crazy expensive. And lots of times the character doesn't even have an income! Big Daddy, 13 Going On 30, Hitch, Big, etc. There are tons of movies where their apartment is super cool and open with all kinds of Hogwarts type staircases with different levels and lots of open space. I don't think simpletons like the ones in these movies would be able to afford these places, even with a pretty decent income.

#4 Opening the ceiling of an elevator. I have actually looked at a bunch of elevators recently when I have ridden in them. There doesn't seem to be a simple push-up panel that would allow you to get into the shaft or on top of the elevator. There are at least a few screws at bare minimum that need to be undone in order to get up there. Not to mention the upper body strength necessary to get from fingertips holding on to the edge to your full body up there. I'm just saying, I don't think most elevators are built for such easy, non-maintenance access.

#5 Swinging on Ropes. Nope. Not happening, and especially not happening one handed. This takes a lot of practice, 4,000 calories in chicken and eggs a day type workouts, and also a set of gloves. The other day my wife and I were at a water park watching people swing on the rope into the pool. Not one person in about 10 minutes held on to the rope longer than gravity allowed them to. I am talking they drop the second gravity pulls on them. And if someone has the strength to swing back, they definitely can't swing back and out again without landing first. Most people can't even complete the first arc. Watch the rope scene on Quantum of Solace to see how ridiculous this is.

#6 Running through airports to catch your girl/boyfriend. I guess the TSA understands that some people just need to get through security to spill their unrequited love at the last second without a ticket or passport. This definitely isn't happening. In fact, just running in an airport period, ticket or no ticket, raises eye brows.  Just get your love issues resolved out in the guest parking lot!

#7 Kicking in a deadbolted door. I am not saying this is impossible, but it is way more difficult than it looks. With one kick people are usually able to get it. That is one weak door. In real life the SWAT team brings in a battering ram and has to hit the door multiple times before it starts to give way.

#8 Bad guy telling the good guy his master plan, and then not immediately killing them. In real life, either the bad guy isn't going to tell his plan, or he will and will then just kill the person, or he will just kill the person immediately, because that is the most safe. In movies, we always see the bad guy tell the good guy their whole plan (mainly for exposition), then put them into some type of death trap that gives them or a team mate of theirs at least ten minutes to escape. Now they are free, and hold all the details of the plan.

#9 High schoolers looking like they are 30. This is every movie. All the high schoolers are played by actors and actresses that are well into their late twenties or early thirties, and the film makers try to pass them off as though they are sixteen. She's All That, Glee, Friday Night Lights, Mean Girls, you name it. But let's be honest, wouldn't you rather watch a movie about high schoolers that look like this

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