Saturday, July 19, 2014

15 MORE Interesting Pieces of Movie Trivia

For this list, I have chosen 15 more interesting pieces of movie trivia from the many hours of reading and research I have done. I hope you enjoy.

#1 Michael Bay destroyed 532 cars in the making of Transformers 3. These cars were scheduled to be demolished, but were instead donated to the production of the movie to be used at his discretion.

#2 Also, Michael Bay recycled footage from The Island for Transformers 3. In The Island, the car is being hit by big metal train wheels. In Transformers, a transformer smashes into it. Two birds with one stone! (Click here for a video.)

#3 Steven Spielberg refused his salary for making Schindler's List, as he thought it would be blood money. Spielberg also quit school in 1968, but returned in the 2000's to obtain his film degree. He turned in Schindler's List as his final project.

#4 Johnny Depp bought 500 members of the film crew jackets during the making of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides because it was cold. It cost him $64, 200 of his own money.

#5 The Lone Ranger was Disney's biggest flop of all time. They lost between $160-$190 million.

#6 Actors John Hurt and Sean Bean have died more times on screen in main stream film than any other actors in Hollywood.

#7 Ben Stiller tried to pattern his running style in Night At the Museum after Tom Cruise's style in every movie he is in. Cruise has the iconic "throw your open hands all the way up in the air while swinging them" run.

#8 Matthew Fox was originally supposed to have a much bigger role in World War Z as a soldier on the boat who starts falling for Brad Pitt's wife. They cut this out, and that is why he is only in this brief scene, despite being quite famous.

#9 During the filming of the scene where Samwise is drowning in Lord of the Rings, Sean Astin stepped on a piece of glass and injured his foot. The next day, they filmed the scene where Gollum pulls Sam's hair, and it pulled Sean Astin's real hair so hard that it caused him serious pain, and caused a fight between Sean Astin and Andy Serkis.

#10 While Henry Cavill worked out to achieve his body mass for Man of Steel, he consumed 5,000 calories a day. He then went straight to a special 1,500 calorie per day diet in order to tone his body. After six weeks, he had a body fat level of 3%. After he shot his shirtless scene, Director Zack Snyder had a tub of ice cream and pizza waiting for him as his reward.

#11 The final medical examination scene of Captain Philipps was performed by an actual Navy medic who was simply told to do her normal procedure. When she froze, because she was star struck by Tom Hanks, he told her that he was supposed to be the one in shock, not her.

#12 Samuel L. Jackson requested a purple light saber of George Lucas so he could set himself apart from the rest of the Jedi in the Star Wars prequels. He is the first to have a color other than red, green, or blue.

#13 Daniel Radcliffe clocked in 41 hours and 38 minutes under water for his scenes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He suffered two ear infections, and also accidentally signaled he was drowning at one point, sending the crew into a panic.

#14 During the production of Jaws, George Lucas put his head in the sharks mouth, and as a joke, Steven Spielberg closed the mouth shut. It accidentally got stuck and took them some time to get Lucas's head free.

#15 During the filming of Transformers 2, Shia Labeouf got in a car accident and had to have surgery on his hand. They fit it into the script and gave him a bandage on his hand in the movie.

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