Monday, June 23, 2014

9 Really Random, Yet Humorous Movie Observations

For this list, we have compiled a bunch of random things from movies that maybe you have never thought about. Although very random, please enjoy!

#1 Who is sleeping on that mattress in cars? We have already established in the movie that cars don't sleep on mattresses. This is very mysterious.

#2 In Avatar, what possible motivation does this guy have for wanting to help the Navi'i win the battle? I mean, I know it is immoral what the humans are doing, but what happens when this guy's oxygen runs out? He isn't like the main character, he doesn't have an Avatar anymore...and at the end, they were loading all the humans back onto a rocket to send them back to earth...and he wasn't going with them...

#3 Remember this scene from the Dark Knight? Anything weird about this scene? I will tell you what is weird is that the Chinese accountant is on top of that stack of cash burning alive. Yikes! I think most of us forgot he was up there when the Joker lit it on fire!

#4 If Hades is the God of the underworld in Hercules, how did he not know that Pain and Panic didn't actually kill Hercules when he was a baby? He is down there all day every day seeing the dead people come in and swirl down in that big green pit of souls. Shouldn't he have noticed Hercules never came down?

#5 In Armageddon, a big meteor is headed to earth, so we decide to go to it and blow it up with a nuke. But, don't you think it would be much easier to train astronauts to drill than it would be to train drillers to be astronauts? Why not have the drillers come teach the people who already know how to go to space to drill? Seems easier to me.

#6 Remember Patrick Dempsey's character in Transformers 3? NO ONE, and I mean no one, would ever do what he did in that movie. For his character to team up with the decepticons to turn earth into Cybertron, and enslave all human kind? I can't possibly imagine any human being coming up with some type of motivation to jump on board with that plan.

#7 What if Spiderman lived here instead of in New York City? Spiderman's powers are pretty much useless outside of a big city. Even if he were to have his powers in my hometown, the tallest building is like 4 stories, and I don't think he is going to get much swinging done. His Spider sense might still work, but he may need to ride his bike to get there.

#8 Do you think it would be any fun to play chess with a guy who can read your mind, such as in X-Men? Imagine playing Guess Who, or Battleship, or Clue... Really there aren't very many fun games you could play with a guy who can read your thoughts.

#9 Finally, is the Expendables basically the action version of the movie Valentine's Day? Instead of finding every romantic comedy actor and actress we can possibly think of, let's find every action movie actor we can possibly think of, and throw them all into a movie. Seriously though, how do they afford to pay all of these celebrities in one movie when the movies don't even make that much money? Are they doing it for free? If so, that is very generous of them.

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