Friday, June 20, 2014

9 Movies That Are Equivalent To An Acid Trip

For this list, we have chosen movies that are either so artsy that they don't have a plot, or have so many colorful and joyful characters and scenes that it borders on creepy. These movies include elements that make them trippy, and sometimes even resemble our nightmares.

#1 Alice In Wonderland
Honestly, I was not able to make it all the way through this movie. It is bonkersville. Almost everyone's head is too big for their body, the cat head is the moon, and there are literally shrooms in the cover picture. This is one trippy movie, and the poster alone almost gave me nightmares.

#2 The Labrynth
I know I am not the only person that had nightmares because of this movie as a kid, and I mean serious ones. David Bowie and a bunch of muppets kidnap a little baby, and then Jennifer Connelly has to get the baby back. The journey includes a creepy maze, swamps, and tight-pants David Bowie walking upside down singing about voo-doo power and the power of the babe. This movie is terrifying.

#3 James and the Giant Peach
Remember this movie? Remember his two terrifying aunts? The premise of this movie is that a kid has two abusive aunts, and ends up being saved by a weird guy who gives him glow in the dark worms that turns a peach huge, and the peach is full of loving insects. They then attach the peach to birds and fly to New York. This movie is as trippy as they come, and the claymation doesn't help.

#4 Witches
Anyone else see this movie when they were a kid? An innocent kid walks in on an old lady convention, only to see that they have taken off their faces to reveal they are creepy witches underneath. They then turn him into a mouse in an extremely violent and disturbing display of convulsions. This movie terrified me when I was a kid, and for good reason.

#5 The Brave Little Toaster
My family can attest to the fact that I watched this movie probably over 50 times as a kid. But why?! It is so scary! That hanging lamp in the junk closet? That scary wall unit air conditioner played by Phil Hartman that flips his lid and breaks? The scary magnet that picks up cars for destruction? The scary car chomper? Not to mention that really trippy scene in the middle of the movie where they all dance in flowers! This movie is crazy!

#6 The Tree of Life
Strangely, I liked something about this movie. It may have been Brad Pitt or the cool music, but something about this movie was good. It was also really crazy and weird. What happened?! Brad Pitt is a mean dad? The twenty minute sequence of the world being created? Sean Penn dying and going to a beach? The dinosaurs? I was not expecting this movie to be the way it was, and it was pretty darn weird.

#7 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Yes, the third Roald Dahl book based movie, and yes, the second Johnny Depp movie. Coincidence? Probably not. What is more scary than a story where a creepy guy no one knows anything about brings a bunch of kids into his candy factory, and one by one something happens to them where they have to be taken away by scary, little, inexplicable creatures called Oompa Loompas? Everything is so colorful and is what my childhood nightmares consisted of.

#8 The Fountain
Man, does anyone remember anything about this movie? Too many vivid colors and plot lines. I can't remember one thing that happened in this movie. It was just really bright, colorful, and weird. It is a lot like the Tree of Life, except lacks any elements that I like. This is one of those movies that too much and too little are going on at the same time, and the lack of coherent plot line in an attempt to create deep meaning is lost on the audience, and just gives them colorful nightmares.

#9 The Wizard of Oz
The quintessential acid trip movie. I know people like this movie, but you have to admit, it is creepy. Munchkins, lions, scarecrows, and cackling witches with flying monkeys. It includes elements from almost every movie we already mentioned. Does it have symbolism? Maybe. But it is lost on me because I am too distracted by the nightmares it is about to give me. The only good thing to come out of this movie is the play, "Wicked."

What other movies are equivalent to acid trips? Did we miss any? Do you disagree with us? Let us know at