Wednesday, June 25, 2014

9 Movie Scenes Where the Character Probably Should Have Died

#1 Sam Witwicky, any scene in the Transformers series. There are so many times he should have died, it's hard to pick just one. But how about in the third one when he is attached by the arm with a winch cable to the Decepticon Jet, Starscream. Then the jet whips him all over the place slamming him into a bunch of concrete, metal, and rebar. How about in the second one when the car he is in falls like three stories onto its face? What about when Optimus Prime catches him over and over again from falling? Did we forget Optimus Prime is probably made of steel, and this would hurt just as bad as falling on the ground?

#2 John McClain, Live Free or Die Hard plane scene. In this scene, Bruce Wills rolls off of the top of a semi truck that is on a collapsing bridge onto a hovering jet, and then right when the jet blows up, he slides down the collapsing free way. Any one of these things should have killed him, but no worries, just a couple of scratches.

#3 Mary Jane, Spiderman 1 falling scene. So in this scene, Mary Jane falls like 100 feet, and then grabs onto a metal crane thing to save herself. I think if I fell like 10 feet, it would be pretty hard to grab onto something without dislocating or breaking my arms. And yes, Kirsten Dunst is probably stronger than me, but I doubt she could do it either. She should definitely be dead.

#4 Tony Stark, Iron Man 1 desert scene. This happens multiple times throughout all of these movies, but they act like his suit is made of pillows. It is actually made of iron. He blasts himself hundreds of feet in the air and then lands in his huge iron suit on sand in the desert, no problems. What? Just because the iron is wrapped around him doesn't mean it isn't going to be like smashing into iron. We don't make bicycle helmets out of iron for a reason. Though, I love these movies...

#5 Robbie, War of the Worlds war scene. This kid is super dead. In this movie, we literally watch this teenager run up a hill that just exploded, away from his dad. This hill has tanks and hummers on fire being thrown back down the hill...with 3 huge alien tripods obliterating everything in site. Next thing we know, this kid is safe in Chicago with his mom. What?! Out of everyone on the list, this kid should be dead two times over.

#6 Marv, Home Alone 2. I know, I know. Marv should be dead in both movies from almost everything that happened to him. But getting bricks thrown from 4 stories up right at your face? Dang. And I think it was like five of them too. It would do more than just cut him, that is for sure.

#7 James Bond, Casino Royale car crash. This movie actually broke the record for most flips a car has done in a car accident. They brag about this, but also have James Bond totally fine after they drag him out of the car. So fine, in fact, he doesn't seem to have a scratch on him. He would definitely be dead. But what an awesome scene though, right?!

#8 Jason Bourne, Bourne Identity staircase scene. Remember that part at the end of the Bourne Identity where he rides a corpse as he falls 7 stories and shoots a guy, then lands on the corpse and pretty much breaks his leg? This is one of my favorite scenes in any movie, but he should probably be dead. I am not saying he would be dead no matter what...but...come on. He should probably be dead. I really, really don't want him to be dead, but he probably is...

#9 Ethan Hunt, Mission Impossible train scene. So this is hands down one of my favorite scenes in movie history. So cool. The gum, the explosion, the blade ending right at his neck and almost getting him. But, he should probably be dead. He probably would have been hit by tons of glass and shrapnel from the exploding helicopter, not to mention burned, or the impact of hitting the train. He probably should have fallen off the train completely!

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