Thursday, June 26, 2014

9 Awesome Rich People Quotes From Movies

For this list, we have found quotes from rich characters in movies that make us as viewers say, "Dang, I wish I had that much money." Face it, we all know money like this would destroy us, but we also all want it at the same time.

#1 Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins: "Well, you see, I'm buying this hotel, and setting some new rules about the pool area." In this scene, some of the guests Bruce Wayne has brought are swimming in the fountain at a hotel, and he gets in trouble for it. He responds by purchasing the hotel. Now, while I don't condone this cocky action, it is really awesome!

#2 Danny Ocean, Ocean's 13: "We will write them a check." In this scene, a strike in Mexico has caused a halt in their plans, and they figure out they could settle the strike with like 30 grand or something like that, so they decide to settle the strike by writing one check. There are lots of awesome lines like this in the Ocean's movies. I mean, look at the picture of those three guys in suits. Anything they say would be cool.

#3 Carl Van Loon, Limitless: "Now, I'll open a line of credit for you. You'll be wanting a few toys." This is the epitome of a cool rich guy quote. They just have money to throw around at whatever they want. I want someone to open a line of credit to me because I also want a few toys. Guess all you have to do to get it is take illegal drugs and murder a few guys like they do in this movie!

#4 Edmond Dantes, The Count of Monte Cristo: "Greetings." Really, this scene is less about what he says, and more about how and where he says it. He comes down in this awesome hot air balloon with acrobats and fireworks in front of his castle. He is dressed in an awesome count-y type tuxedo, the cape of which is billowing in the wind. He has a sweet cane, and comes up to all of his party guests and simply says, "Greetings." Man, that is awesome.

#5 Sean Parker, The Social Network: "A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion dollars." He is right, a million dollars isn't cool. Who wants a million dollars, right? That is what makes this line so rich guy-ish! Everyone wants a million dollars, and to throw off a million dollars so nonchalantly for the next highest thing is pretty cool.

#6 Dr. Hammond, Jurassic Park: "We spared no expense." He says this throughout the entire movie about everything his guests comment on. Wouldn't it be awesome to never have to spare any expense? When you buy anything, you could just always get the best one no matter what it is. Unfortunately, he actually did spare expense on hiring computer technicians, because he only hired one really disgruntled one (Newman) who wanted to be paid more, and this guy ended up destroying the whole park. But hey, he spared no expense everywhere else, right?!

#7 Saito, Inception: "I bought the airline, it seemed neater." In this scene, they are trying to figure out how to persuade a stewardess on an airline to help them in their scheme. Saito responds that he just bought the whole airline to solve the problem. That is amazing. I wish I could just buy anything that annoyed me. If the line at the grocery store is taking too long, just buy the grocery store.

#8 Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump: "He said we don't need to worry about money no more. And I said that's good! One less thing." Even though he says this unwittingly, it is still an awesome rich guy line. Someone who is so rich, but cares so little about his money besides that it is just one thing to help him keep living, is a really cool guy. I guess this is how most rich people should probably think about money.

#9 Tony Stark, Iron Man 3: "Bill me." We couldn't have a rich man list without Tony Stark! In this scene, a reporter is using his phone to record what Tony is saying, and it annoys him, so he grabs the phone and smashes it. Then he says, "bill me," and gets in his sweet car and takes off. He has a lot of lines like this throughout his movies, but this is a true rich guy line. Uses money to do whatever he wants, and because people love money, he gets away with it most of the time.

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