Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10 Actors That Are The Same In Every Movie

For this list, we have chosen actors who seem to play the same character in every movie they are in. This doesn't mean we don't like the actor, but that they simply are chosen to play that part over and over again. There are many more actors who fit the bill, but here are a few:

#1 Jesse Eisenberg
We loved him in The Social Network as Mark Zuckerberg. Then we realized he is Mark Zuckerberg in every movie he is in. He always portrays the smart, sarcastic, fast talking, demeaning know-it-all. I wonder what his personality will be like playing the rich, evil Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie?

#2 Liam Neeson
Though I love Liam Neeson, he is Bryan mills from Taken in everything he is in. Non-stop was virtually Taken on a plane, and honestly, I was fine with that. Despite him always being the wise, soft-spoken, yet extremely intense I-will-find-you-and-I-will-kill-you tough guy, it oddly works well in almost every role he is casted in. From Ra's al Ghul to Qui Gon Jinn, Liam Neeson is Liam Neeson, and I am fine with that.
#3 Taylor Kitsch
Any Friday Night Lights fans out there? I am a big fan, and if you like this show, it is hard not to love Tim Riggins. He is perfectly cast in this role. Unfortunately, if you have seen John Carter, Battleship, or Wolverine: Xmen Origins, he remains Tim Riggins, the Texas high school football player in those movies as well. Who knows? Maybe he will have some other roles in the future?

#4 Keanu Reeves
This is probably the best one on the list. The casting crew for The Matrix sat around and said, "We need a guy who is stone faced, serious, quiet, and only says about ten lines, but he needs to be able to learn martial arts and look cool in a trench coat with a gun." Keanu Reeves fit that bill, but hasn't fit too many since.
#5 Bill Murray
Bill Murray is Bill Murray, plain and simple. Ever seen The Man Who Knew Too Little? Scrooged? Groundhog Day? What About Bob? Ghostbusters? The Life Aquatic? Same character in each, and I am pretty sure that is just how he is on and off screen. If I were to go to Bill Murray's house today, he is probably just Groundhog Day Bill Murray, and I think that's what I like about him.
#6 Samuel L. Jackson
Loud, confident, smarter than everyone else in the room, defying authority for the greater good? Sam Jackson ladies and gentleman. He keeps getting cast because everyone seems to like this character. But I am telling you, the same Sam Jackson that told us to "hold onto your butts" is the same Sam Jackson who fought the snakes on the plane, and we have chosen the same Sam Jackson to lead the Avengers.
#7 Julia Roberts
While she is a good actress, she is ALWAYS the same. She is confident, loud, smarter than everyone else (hey is she a female Sam Jackson?) but always has a tear filled breakdown at some point in the movie where she shows a tiny semblance of vulnerability. My Best Friend's Wedding, Notting Hill, Erin Brokovich, Ocean's 11? Even with different back stories, she is the same.

#8 Nicholas Cage
Don't be fooled by his different accents and loudness of voice. Whether this guy is calm, or screaming at the top of his lungs (which he usually is), he is the same guy. He flips his lid while using both hands as he says such lines as, "We need to steal the declaration of independence" or "We need to steal 50 cars in one night" or "We need to steal movie goer's money by making another Ghost Rider." And how do pretty girls fall for him in every movie? Maybe the answer to that riddle is on the back of the constitution?

#9 Drew Barrymore
Always bubbly, emotional, silly, innocent, naive, yet kind, she is the same in so many romantic comedies, it is hard to name them all. But, here are a few: Never Been Kissed, Fever Pitch, 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, Blended. What adds to her consistency is the fact that she is always cast alongside Adam Sandler (who also should have made this list).

#10 Tom Cruise
Look at him running in that picture...tell me you haven't seen him do that in Mission Impossible 1-4, Minority Report, jack reacher, War of the Worlds, Knight and Day, and probably The Edge of Tomorrow. Though, admittedly, Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors, he is the same in every movie. 100% focused and dedicated toward one goal regardless of consequences, no fear, intense, lots of running, one seen where he cries and whispers something like, "Who are you?!" And I swear, he gets that one cut on his nose in every movie...proof?

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